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Sygic is a car navigation system that works on popular Tom-tom maps. Its biggest advantage is that it also works offline, which allows you to use the application without access to the internet connection. Selected options are available for free.

We start the adventure with Sygnic from downloading the maps we are interested in. You do not need an account to use the application. If we decide on it, unfortunately the process of creating a new one will take us to the website (unless we choose to login using Face book). The account allows you to synchronize our favourite routes and other information, along with the license. Unfortunately, the latter can be synchronized only within one system.

Sygic works fully offline and offers basic functions for free. The premium options can be purchased with a one-time payment (the amount depends on the selected map package and current promotions). To get acquainted with the possibilities of the program after installation, we get 7 days for tests. Thanks to this solution, we can check how maps and directions work on our routes and in our location. An honest solution. In addition, the store will also find HD Traffic and a transparent display, which will allow you to display navigation on the glass of our vehicle.

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The application interface fits very well in the Android style. This is not common with navigation, the more it is worth paying attention to this element. Sygic looks nice, it works smoothly. It offers a lot of editing options for both the action and the appearance of the program.

In addition to the aforementioned options, there is a 3D view of speeding information and speed cameras, the Dynamic Lane Guidance function facilitating the safe change of lane and several other features that can be checked using the free version. Sygic for Android is working very well. The quality of maps and routes is a factor that everyone should evaluate on their own, using a free trial period.

Sygic: The most Advanced offline Navigation?

The Slovaks claim that they have created extremely advanced navigation software that can work effectively without the need to connect to the internet.

A new version of the popular Sygic software (the developers claim that it is the most downloaded off-line navigation application) has undergone a metamorphosis. The Slovaks ensure that the new version has been developed after thousands of man-hours. And the effect? Let us quote a fragment of the press material. Achieving a perfect combination of GPS precision, extremely convenient operation and trouble-free navigation.

Sygic after the update is an application with a new look, improved map processing code and easier access to key functions. And also new GPS security technologies, although the company does not specify what is behind the catchy name. Traditionally, some of the functionality is available in addition: through shopping inside the application. It's not hard to guess that these are the most advanced solutions. So what do you have to pay extra for?

First of all, for the Black Box option with a new automatic recording function (until now the driver himself activated

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